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For many rowers, stretching is something we know we should do after every workout (especially after erging!) but, more often than not, we skip it due to time constraints or to simply avoid the pain and discomfort of stretching those piano wire tight hamstrings!

The Infinity Strap™ STRETCH is a great solution! The Infinity Strap™ STRETCH is a type of yoga band that helps with stability, opening and increased flexibility.

For those who are less flexible, the infinity Strap™ STRETCH provides the extra help you need to loop it over a foot or a hand and gently stretch those quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips or shoulders. As your flexibility improves, the strap can be twisted and rolled tighter to increase the stretch.

For more flexible types, the  infinity Strap™ STRETCH assists in deepening your stretch and provides stability for more advanced poses. 

The strap is lightweight and portable (fits in your purse or sports bag), is gentle on the hands (blistered or not), and has just enough stretch and give to make stretching more comfortable. The strap comes in 4 sizes to accomodate everyone from the tallest rower to the smallest coxswain. Made with superb materials, it is a compact, beautifully designed product that works with your body. No hardware to adjust or excess material to deal with. Simple, easy, smart.

Check out the videos below.

• Totally unique, hybrid high resistance material 
• Stretches with your body and forms a firm grip
• Comfortable for those who are not particularly flexible
• Deepen poses and maintain proper alignment
• No hardware to hurt your hands or feet
• No buckles to fuss with or adjust
• Compact design means no extra strap in your way
• A variety of sizes
• Machine washable

4 sizes to fit all levels and types of practice:

  • Small 13-16"
  • Medium 16-19"
  • Large 19-23.5"
  • X-Large 25-30"

The infinity shape, like the breath in yoga  - and the rowing stroke - is smooth and continous.

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Sizing Video

Intro Video

Video: Using The Infinity Strap to stretch hamstrings, IT bands and inner thigh.