Rower's Mirror & Case...New & Improved Case Design!

$16.95 - $33.95
0.20 Ounces

The Take-A-Look Mirror from Bike Peddler is a flexible, adjustable and lightweight mirror that easily and securely attaches to your favorite hat (ball cap) or eyeglasses and makes rowing so much easier. 

With just the slightest shift of your eyes or turn of the head, you can check behind you for obstacles or other rowers or scan the entire horizon to get - or correct - your point.

No more 180 degree full body turns means faster, straighter, safer and more stable rows/races. Gotta love that! 

It does take a bit of getting used to, but, like the rear view mirror in your car, once you get comfortable with it, you won't want to row without it! Comes with a FREE storage case!

  • The rubber-tipped clamps securely grip the rim of your hat or the arms of your eye glasses or sunglasses.
  • The mirror rotates side to side and up and down so you can get that perfect view of your bow ball and the water behind you.
  • The mirror tips up easily to clear your view as needed.
  • Works on both the left or the right side of the hat.
  • Ideal for scullers or bow seat rowers in a straight 4 or quad.
  • Save your neck, keep the boat set and stay safe with this great little mirror.
  • Designed for bikers so you know it's tough!
  • Comes with a FREE felt-lined, hard-shell, zippered case, keeping it safe from scratches and damage between rows.
  • The bright blue storage case is easy to find in your sports bag
  • Sturdy carabiner clip holds up in wet conditions - NEW DESIGN!