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Health Coaching


Coming Soon!


As some of you may know, I am in training to become a Health Coach with the Health Coach Institute 

which is certified by the International Coach Federation.

It's a 6-month intensive program and I'll be certified in December of 2020! Woohoo!

As a (former) rowing coach, program director, coxswain, and masters athlete, offering my services

as a certified health coach seems like a natural extension of what I was already doing to some

degree...helping people learn new skills and lifelong healthy habits to be the best they can be whether

that's as a competitive or recreational athlete, a student, a parent, a boss or a partner.


I'm SO excited to get started!

I am offering a 90-day Transformation Program that will help you identify your health goal(s),

gain clarity on where (and why) you are currently getting stuck, and map out a customized,

step-by-step plan, using a proven habit-change protocol, to help you reach your goals

in a way that is fun, easy, and sustainable.


The best part? There is no deprivation, no judgement, no crazy diet rules, 

no hard-core discipline or exhausting workouts needed.

Instead, we'll take a habit-based approach of small, incremental daily

improvements for good health outcomes that last. With the right system,

the right accountability, and the right support, you can achieve your goals!


How cool is that?

I'm also working on a group program that will be a 21-day detox and reset. Perfect for the start of 2021!

This year has been challenging on so many fronts and can't end soon enough, am I right?


I'll post more information soon as my training progresses and I start to build out my practice.


I have spots for one or two more practice clients, at a substantially reduced rate, so if you're looking for a

health coach and are interested in helping me out as one of my practice clients, please reach out to me



Here's to your health in 2020!


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